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Images & Stories

Photography blog of JAY & JESS | Phoenix based wedding & lifestyle photographers. Imagery. Art. Story. Phoenix | Scottsdale | West Coast | Worldwide.

Brad + Kate | Engaged

Jessica Williams

When these two told us that they wanted to incorporate several spots that were special to them and really embodied their relationship, we were happy to oblige. Brad & Kate were just closing on their new historic home and were eager to make sure that this new spot that they would start their lives together was included. 

We showed up and couldn't resist gasping and ooo-ing and ahhhh-ing. The house is simply incredible. Historic, in a picturesque neighborhood, and decorated exquisitely, it was the perfect backdrop for the beginning of this shoot. We ended up roaming around downtown too, visiting their favorite coffee shop Lola Coffee, capturing the skyline and ended our time in the desert. 

These two have a love that is special. You can tell that their friendship is deep and that they just really are loving life together- even in the simple things.

We're pumped for their wedding this spring! Check out these two and stay tuned for their wedding. It's going to be incredible. 

Brad + Kate in Downtown Phoenix...

Sean + Yeimi | Engaged

Jessica Williams

We met these two over a year ago while we were shooting another wedding. I (Jess) was nine months pregnant with our baby girl who is now 13 months old and photographed our last wedding before my maternity leave, and it was there that we met Sean + Yeimi! 

These two made such an impact on us. They're adorable, so sweet to each other, and a blast to be with. They love to laugh and have fun together, they look amazing all the time, and they are just always so kind and gracious to others. We were drawn to them immediately. When they got engaged and asked us to photograph their wedding, we were elated! 

We loved spending an afternoon with them for their engagement session. Jason and I both were a little under the weather on this day, but by the end of the shoot it didn't even matter. We had such a great time romping around downtown with them that we sorta forgot for a minute that we weren't feeling so great.

That's what these two do. They make everything just a little bit better, and we are so happy to know them.

Check them out! Sean + Yeimi in Downtown Phoenix for the afternoon. We can't wait to snap their wedding this fall and celebrate with all their friends and family!

We love you guys!

JD | Senior Session

Jessica Williams

We've known JD and his family for some time now. And one thing still remains true. They are all some amazing people and an incredible family. 

Hanging with JD in the desert was a laid back treat. We got all caught up on his plans post school, the gal he's dating, family life and what the future could hold for him. And take it from us, the future for this kid is bright!

Check out our time in the desert with JD. Simple, easy, and exactly how we like it.

Aaron + Megan | Engaged

Jessica Williams

Theeeese twooooo. 

We're dying over here. When we met Aaron + Meg, they literally said, "We're all yours, trust you completely, and are up for anything!"

Dream clients, folks. DREAM. CLIENTS.

So we took a relaxed approach and and spent the afternoon with them in Downtown Phoenix. The light was incredible, they looked phenomenal, and I can't get over all the color that is in this shoot! They attracted it, I swear.

These two are happy in love. They are a riot together. You can tell how much they love each other and that they can't wait to tie the knot this fall and they just love BEING together. It's refreshing and fun to be around. 

Check them out you guys. Our new found friends, Aaron + Meg. Can't wait for your wedding you two!

PS: Double date again? #forrealstho

After our shoot with these guys, we grabbed dinner at Taco Guild located on Osborn and 7th St. If you've never been there, it's a must try in Phoenix! 

Ashley | Senior Session

Jessica Williams

Trees. Big tall trees with a lot of character. That was the first thing that Ashley she told us what she would love to incorporate into her Senior Session. She's heading to Portland after she graduates for college, and can't wait to be utterly surrounded by mile high trees and forest that abounds up there. 

This day was a great time, hanging with her. She's a quiet and gentle spirit, kind hearted, loves others and sees the good in all things. She's an artist and loves Doc Martins. She's beautiful and was radiant on this day as we spent time together for her senior session. We have no doubt that she's going to make such a huge impact in her new city and while those around her are sad to see her go, her family has every reason to visit Oregon and they can't wait! 

Check her out. She's stunning y'all. 

Outfits from: 
Urban Outfitters
Free People
Steve Madden

Styled by:
Jess Williams